About Us

A Fitness Clothing Brand That Focuses On Innovation.

Back in 2014, the Fitness Industry was extremely Saturated. It was growing with the increasing craze of Fitness Exhibitions. With the growing craze of Fitness, the interest of wearing Gym Apparels was rising too. Aesthetic Nation was India's 1st Brand to Launch the Original Gym Stringers in the country. We are proud to be an early initiator in terms of Fitness Apparels, Fashion & Technology in the Apparels Segment.

Aesthetic Nation released a bunch of range that included Gym Stringers / Singlets, Bodybuilding Tshirts, Training Shorts, Performance Training Hoodie & the most loved Tapered Bottom Pants / Lowers. 2015 was marked as the rise of underdogs from literally a few apparels to over 200 Varieties today.

Started as a fitness page on Facebook back in February 2012 with the name Aesthetic Nation, the page was dedicated to fitness & fitness related articles which received massive response taking us to over 60,000 Followers in 2 years. As a Fitness Enthusiast, I always wanted to do something within the industry, where we realized there was a gap in the Indian fitness clothing market which could be fulfilled.

Today, AestheticNation ships approximately around 65,000 Orders a year & aims to scale it to over 10,000 Per Month by 4th Quarter 2019. The brand is available for Retailing / Reselling with 3 Different Business Models 1. Reseller 2. Wholesaler 3. Franchisee. Presently, we are available in approximate 19-20 Stores worldwide & aims to retail in at least 100 Stores by this year-end(2020).